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20% from deposit on insurance balance 20% from deposit on insurance balance
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  • 1. Transfer the payment for the subscription in a convenient way.
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  • I will teach you how to make good money on HYIPs

    Direct signals for investment projects: where, how, how much and for how long to invest. I will also tell you which projects it is better to avoid.

  • Investments under insurance

    Get 20% of deposits to your personal insurance balance, with which you can invest in any project with 100% insurance. We also collect pools for the best projects under my insurance.

  • Earnings on cryptocurrencies

    You will learn about the 5 main ways of making money in the crypto. And will receive everything you need to work successfully.

  • The best information products

    For little money, you will get access to top information for $700-800 per month. 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

  • A community of successful investors

    The IS Club community was created by successful people for successful people. It's hard for one to succeed. We help each other in the Club, share information and insights.

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My name is Sanya, many people know me under the nickname xoa139. I got acquainted with HYIPs in August 2017. I started with a rather big bank and increased it 57 times, due to HYIPs and crypto farmed on HYIPs.

I got acquainted with the blog in 2018. I followed, watched, studied, began to enter projects with a blog. I liked the conditions: good refback and insurance safety. Then I began to communicate with Ilya (Bona), the blogs admin. He invited me to a VIP chat with excellent conditions for an investor. I trust Ilya: he helped many times with info and insurance in cattle. Several times he completely reimbursed me the amount of losses (and the amount was not small). Compared to other blogs, Bona has the most excellent conditions for an investor. High refback + the best conditions for serious amounts. I recommend it.

Alexander (xoa139)

In HYIPs for exactly ten years, with short interruptions. The breaks were associated with the complete destruction of the bank. Over the past five or six years, work is strictly a good profit, allowing you not to pay attention to minor failures that cannot be avoided.

I got to Hunter's blog two years ago when I began to study options for reducing losses on large deposits. I liked the opportunity to choose the strategy of working with a blog myself: if you want, you go under insurance, if you want, on the contrary, you accumulate insurance sums. Plus trust in a person - in one of the projects Ilya honestly warned that I probably would not see a profit. I should believe him, better for my bank.

If you invest good sums in projects, you will earn more with the blog. There are no restrictions on the amount of compensation. There are no restrictions on the size of the refback.

Ttarrass, an online investor

My name is Sergey, experience in HYIPs for about 5 years.

Like everyone else, I probably started with big loses, including deposits with hunter. Then, in a still popular forum, I found a link to a blog in the signature. As time went on, I managed not to drain all the money and gained experience.

Since that time, Hunter and I have had extremely positive emotions. Somehow I won a trip to Spain to Mallorca on a PH blog in one of the contests and is still wildly happy. Bona is one of the most honest people in this area, always keeping his word.

Sergey (janeair)

I got acquainted with the Profit-Hunters blog for a long time. There were many projects in which I participated on the blog or missed. I try to choose interesting options and not go into everything).

Hunter has an interesting VIP bonus program. From each deposit of $500 or more we get 20% in $$ to the bonus account. Then we spend these bonuses on 100% insurance. This option often helps out.

You can always consult with the blog administrator before making a deposit, clarify important points, etc. A decent man, no complaints.

Olga (E_Stolz)

My name is Denis, I work for hire. Last year, someone invited Hunter's channel to telegram, began to read, study and ... tried to participate in projects.

It was surprising to me that the admin of the group, Bona, replies himself in private messages and helps to figure it out, this gave me confidence. Of course, I did not begin to participate in all projects, gradually I began to understand the signals on the channel, continuing to consult with Bona. As strange as it may seem, but since last year, working with Hunter, I am not in the red, but in the green profit zone, one month was generally gorgeous +120,000 rubles.

The blog is excellent, the admin of the group is top. I recommend.

Denis (Denisiys)

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